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Your Accounting Professionals

Welcome to J. Maris Financial Services Inc.

J. Maris Financial Services & Consulting, Inc. offers a full-service accounting and financial services nationwide. We specialized in ‘Virtual Accounting Services’ to help you to achieve your business goals.

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"Together we reach the goal"

Your Accounting and Finance Experts

We have 20+ years of experience including industries in the transportation, media, retail, construction and restaurant business sector.

 Is time for you to take control of your business and establish assertive business strategies for financial growth.

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Alleviating Stress

Sales & Use Tax

Enabling Growth

Business Strategies
Budget & Forecasts
Financial Consulting

Saving You Money


Account Payable

Account Receivable

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Tailored Service, Measurable Results

Your Business Matters

We have developed an excellent reputation with taking care of the financial and accounting needs for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Whether you need assistance with mergers and acquisitions, financial management, sales tax filings, or something else, you can count on us for professional service. We have a wealth of information and are looking forward to working with you.

Management Accounting

Alleviating Stress

We’ll take care of managing your finances so you don’t have to stress about it. We stay up-to-date on all the regulatory and legislative developments, and specialize in this type of service so you won’t waste time and energy trying to make sense of all the accounting complexities. Contact us today and see how we can help you.

Financial Consulting

Enabling Growth

Our finance expertise provides individualized consultant services to help alleviate the uncertainty and stress involved with business development and financial growth. With many years of experience, J.Maris Financial knows everything there is to know about Financial Strategies, inside and out. Contact us today and let us do the work for you.


Saving You Money

J.Maris Financial specializes in Auditing and will assess your situation to determine the best course of action. Whether it is for individual or business needs, we’ll help to minimize your tax liability and efficiently manage your financial books.

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515 N. Flagler Drive. Suite P-300
West Palm Beach, Fl 33401


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